Grocery store owner from Thailand makes enough money with his small store to hire the topmost Foreign escorts in Goa

Anuman started a petty grocery store with the money his parents gave him. Anuman never liked to study and it was his age to go to the college. He successfully completed the school, but he was not ready to study any further at any cost. His parents tried to persuade him a lot but he wouldn’t listen.

Finally, Anuman’s parents agreed and provided him with all the money he asked for. He took a shop on rent on a popular street and all-in-all, it took him 750, 000 Thai Bahts (22, 750 US Dollars) to open the store. He even had an inauguration. The store started getting customers the very first day. One thing must be said about Anuman’s store that it had it all. It was the best store that one could open for the amount of money Anuman spent.

The store was doing very well for the first couple of months and everyone in Anuman’s family was more than happy. The honeymoon period was finally over now, there were lizards everywhere in the store now. Anuman was only 19 years old and he had an issue. He was very clumsy, shy and would feel weak if he told someone about a problem he had no solution for. He didn’t tell anybody about the lizards all around his store until he had to finally shut down his store as no customers were now willing to come to his store. The children wouldn’t come to his store, the adults wouldn’t come to his store, nobody wanted to be surrounded by the ugly and filthy lizards. One friend of Anuman told about a herbal product available for taking care of lizards available with Shopee. Anuman bought one and finally got rid of all the lizards that were bothering him day and night.

You would be surprised to know that Anuman makes enough money with his store that it allows him to hire the topmost Foreign escorts in Goa, which is amazing as they start from USD 300 per hour.

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