I am starting a computer peripheral company and a Bakunyuu would be my brand ambassador

Today when I was listening to ‘Keep Doing That’ by Rick Ross featuring R Kelly, I was reminded of sexy Bakunyuu porn all the time.

Last night, I had a wet dream where the Hentai pornstar Amanee was licking my balls and I came between her tits. Somethings are worth fighting for, some whores never die in the minds of their wankers or fuckers and Amanee is on the top list for me in that case.

I was born into a family of pimps and prostitutes and I proved it when during my first sex, I broke the vaginal walls of the chick I was fucking.

I lived in Russia for quite a long time and believe you me, I never saw a woman better looking than Amanee there.

If it were up to me, I would choose a woman who looks like Amanee as the chief of the army in order to increase the spirit and testosterone levels of the soldiers. Just a glimpse of this bitch would raise their testosterone levels by up to 300%.

I firmly believe that a pussy smells better than any perfume on earth and even though I never got the opportunity to smell someone who looks like Amanee’s pussy ever in my life, I can still say that it smells better than any other pussy in the world.

I am thinking about starting a company that will manufacture computer peripherals and will offer 2 year warranty on each product and I will hire Amanee lookalike as the brand ambassador of the company.

One of my friends saw the MILF pornstar Alyssa Lynn at the Times Square, NYC. He says that Alyssa Lynn was the center of attention there although Katy Perry was also there at Times Square at that time along with the Kim Jong-Un and Donald Trump clone.

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