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The most shocking thing that he has written on his blog till date, which most find hard to believe including myself is that the infamous and veteran wrestler – Triple H aka Hunter Hearst Helmsley aka Paul Michael Levesque, now suffers with an incurable erectile dysfunction which happened during a fight on the World Wrestling Entertainment’s arena. He claims that his wife – Stephanie McMahon has been making him a cuckold each night ever since then, he claims to have himself spent 3 nights with Stephanie while HHH was just looking at them fucking each other and trying to get an erection himself.

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I recently came across some comments on a James Deen and Alanah Rae porn video where he was punishing Alanah very badly. The theme of the video was punishment and hence it shouldn’t come as a surprise. But what came to me as a surprise was the fact that how the people (all male usernames) mentioned that how much they miss James Deen in the porn. There is a reason why they always used to choose James Deen for such movies. The guy was really abusive and he has been accused of being abusive by more female pornstars than any other including one of my favorites – Nikki Benz. I don’t want to waste my time with talking about the idiot James Deen anymore, let’s talk about something else.

I remember that I used to feel very bad and guilty after jacking-off to the incest porn when I used to be a teenager but now I don’t. Now I love those incest porn videos, especially the ones involving blowjobs.

I personally believe that nobody other than Jesus has been able to live a celibate life in the entire history of mankind. I firmly believe that all the rest who claimed to have lived celibate lives were/are all liars including the apostles, Hindu monks and others.

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They also do a lot of roleplay. Mostly he plays the role. His and her most favorite is when he plays the cop.

When I fucked her, I didn’t have to play the role. Our actual story of fucking was quite accidental and I hope that I meet such an accident soon once again.

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I have participated in several sexual orgies in the past and let me tell you by my personal experience, that it is one of the worst sexual things that you can do.

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Let me tell you from my personal experience, that a man should never refer to a woman as ‘slut’. Even when she rides like crazy and rides different men all the time.

I lived in the Republic of China for a couple of years of my life and I observed it over and over there that the Chinese men have a very low libido while the Chinese women are just the opposite. I took a great advantage of this situation and fucked those Chinese chicks in doggystyle position all the time. One strange fact about the Chinese women is that they like fucking on the kitchen table over bed. Chinese women believe that drinking sperm slows down the ageing for a woman and that’s why they are always hungry for some.

I personally believe that sex is a lot more than mere biological drive and that’s the reason why they should allow incest at homes, given the condition that proven contraceptive methods are used.

I lived in France for 5 years as well and it was astonishing to see so many young and MILF beauties roaming on the streets of the France all the time. I believe that the secret behind French women’s beauty lies in the fact that there are no mosquitoes there. Unfortunately, the French women don’t seem to like to have sex as much as their Chinese counterparts do, and that’s the prime reason why I didn’t have much of a luck with those French women.