Edged for 4 hours straight without ejaculating a drop fantasizing about those 2 Busty Black Lesbians

I presume that you would agree with me here that the religions around the world have really contaminated the most important aspect of one’s life and that is the sex life. They have attached a guilt feeling to it which is almost impossible to ignore and/or forget, especially for the people born to religious families.

I believe that the contamination which the religions have polluted the sexual aspect of the people’s lives with is going to persist until and unless all the religions across the globe are completely terminated, especially the Abrahamic ones. Hinduism and a couple others aren’t that bad in this regard though but they need to disappear from the face of the earth as well.

I am really sad about the fact that the mainstream media hasn’t been showcasing the technology of the sex robots as much as even 1% of what they should and even when they do, they portray sex robots as they are some evil creations. Owing to which, the corporate aren’t willing to invest much in the same or maybe because the corporate aren’t willing to invest in the same, the mainstream media has been portraying the sex robots as something evil. Only the god which only exists in our fantasies knows the truth. Well, fantasies just reminded me of my 4-hour long edging session that I had last night fantasizing about 2 busty lesbians that I stared at walking down the streets of my neighborhood. They both were black, above 40 years old, most likely, and looking at them, the first thing I said to myself was “The Black doesn’t really crack.”

Tantric Gurus across the world are having fun with tattooed chicks of all sizes, shapes and age groups

There is no doubt that the women are biased towards the good-looking men with money compared to the good-looking guys with no money, but the ugly guys can really have an edge over the good-looking guys by developing a swagger that talks without using their fucking mouth about how good they are really in bed. Alex Vartman – the Tantric Sex Guru has that swagger, just notice his body language and act just like that. This Alex Vartman dude gets to have tons of tattoo girls sex with.

After having fun with hundreds of women belonging to different races, nations, income groups and family backgrounds over the decades. I have concluded that either a girl with an absolutely straight hair on the head or a girl with curly hair on the head are natural in bed, rest all had to either learn the art of love-making or the art of faking. Also, beautiful women belonging to poverty stricken families are great fucks.

I have been working on creating a sex education plan for the apes, lately and I am really amazed at the kind of responses that I have been getting, both negative and positive.

I have also been working on to create a viagra that will come without any sort of side-effects. I am really tired, sad, upset and disappointed about the side-effects that the popular viagras like Slidenafil and Tadalafil have on the consumer, although these are considered the two safest.

I believe that the governments must give awards to the people who can live with just a weekly fuck. I wonder to date, why they don’t it. It is almost impossible to live like that lifelong for a completely healthy person.

Cam Models are some of the Best-Looking People on Earth

I personally believe that the adult industry should all become legal in every part of the world, but the governments must turn every adult business into Not-For-Profit Organizations (NGOs) and then only will we be able to see passionate people working for this industry. Well, that’s just my personal belief.

Young men nowadays prefer fucking their VR porn synced fleshlights over real pussies, which is both a good and a bad thing. Good, because they don’t have to go through the tantrums of a real woman and heartbreaks that comes with it. Bad, because I believe that a woman’s milk, especially that of a MILF, is more nutritious for an adult male than it is for an infant. Bad, because they can’t kiss their fleshlights on the lips while the fucking is going on just like they can do with a real woman. Bad, because their fleshlight cannot wear a sexy lingerie to seduce them first. Bad, because their fleshlights cannot strip or do ass-grinding for them, neither can it twerk for them. Bad, because a fleshlight cannot talk to you in a sexy whispering voice with her arms wrapped around you, after you are done banging her little pink hole. Bad, because a fleshlight cannot pop out a baby for you. Bad, because a fleshlight cannot call you “Daddy” or “Papi” of herself or that of her kids. Bad, because Jehovah didn’t command you to fuck fleshlights but rather real pink pussies. Bad, because you cannot suck a fleshlight’s boobs while you are fucking it in the missionary position. Bad, because it doesn’t smell like a real pussy, but rather your own semen.

I believe that those who don’t believe in free sex are a total disgrace. Just look at the glowing faces of the Cam Models on LiveJasmin or on Alternatives to LiveJasmin and then look at the pale and ugly faces of the monks and nuns, and you will know what I am talking about.

Mother fucks like a Xvideos pornstar, daughter is an asexual fart

I believe that only a global sexual revolution can bring about a global economic recovery.

My girlfriend doesn’t like to drink my semen, she claims that it tastes bitter, she has no idea that her mother finds it too sweet. I don’t know who is telling the truth here, but there is no way that I am going to tell either of the two that they both have tasted it and they have differing opinions about the same. Her mother is a much better fuck than herself. She doesn’t throw any tantrums like her daughter, who wouldn’t even have anal sex with me, let alone ass-to-mouth. I have tried everything to trying to convince her to have anal sex with me like they have in the Xvideos movies, but the bitch wouldn’t listen, and I cannot even complain to her mother about it but rather have anal sex with the mother.

I wish to have sex with my girlfriend’s mother at least couple of times a day, but her husband (my girlfriend’s father) is always in the house and he has an idea that his aging wife, who still looks better than most college girls is a neighborhood whore. He wouldn’t leave the house and when he does, he mostly leaves it with his wife. What a fucking family!

The mother likes to fuck everyone around, the daughter wouldn’t even have anal sex with the boyfriend. Millennials suck!

I would like to end this post by saying that there is no reason to buy any other car than a Morgan if one wants to buy a vintage car, and there is no reason for me to fuck my girlfriend if I could fuck her mother every time I were horny. Both daughter and mother suck, but mother does it much better.

Latin and Black Strippers are more popular in the US than the White Strippers

Sense of humor sometimes proves to be more important than a gorgeous body and face in the stripping business, especially for the Latin Strippers with an accent.

I recently arranged a strippers party for a good friend of mine who just came out of the prison. It was really a delight to see three full-sized SUVs coming full of female strippers. He was about to have a heart-attack because of the sexual excitement. Now, I understand why there is no ‘Free From Prison Special Party’ with any of the strippers agency in the US when there are Divorce Parties, Bachelor Parties, etc. I have concluded that escorts are perfect for such men, not the strippers.

It is my personal observation over one decade that once you hire a stripper for a birthday party, you always hire a stripper for your birthday party. There is a reason why the number of strip clubs doubled in the United Kingdom in the past 1 year.

Blonde Caucasian strippers are outdated now, black women with a big booty and curly hair are in trend now.

There are more Polish strippers in the US than in Poland and the same goes for the Arab strippers.

I have a Muslim friend who has been living in the US for the past 2 decades now. One of his female cousins who also happens to live in the same city as himself, is a stripper. He regularly enjoys the strip dance of this cousin of his because he believes that it is not haram in his religion. He is a strict Muslim who doesn’t even borrow a loan from the bank because it is haram in Islam. He claims that it is not mentioned anywhere in the Quran that watching the strip club of your cousin is haram.